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7th Grade Digital Skills Links

This Week's Unit:  Analog vs Digital (3:00) and Mr. Breitsprecher's BandMix profile with digital recordings of his Gibson Les Paul (done at 44 khz per second).  This is CD-quality and common with MP3 files.

What IT Career Pathway is Waiting for You?
(Washington State)

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Unit 7:  Computers 101

  1. Computer Basics:  What is a Compute (2:47) and Guided Notes (pdf form)
  2. Computer Science Basics:  Input Process Output (2:49) and Guided Notes (pdf form)
  3. Mr. B's How Computers Work:  Let's put it all together now (from
  4. How Computers Work:  CPU, Memory, Input & Output (4:16) and Guided Notes (pdf form)
  5. Hardware software firmware:  Input, Store, Process, Output (5:22)
  6. The Internet:  Packets, Routing & Reliability (6:25)

More Resources:  Computers 101

  1. GCF Computer Basics:  Lessons, videos, and interactives
  2. GCF Basic Computer Skills:  Let's review what you know
  3. GCF:  Computer Science:  Concepts like algorithms, binary (which makes this digital), programming, and more

Unit 6:  PowerPoint

  1. PowerPoint 1:  Healthy Eating (six slides)
  2. PowerPoint 1: Mr. B's Example of Healthy  Eating PPT
    1. Slide 1
    2. Slide 2
    3. Slide 3
    4. Slide 4
    5. Slide 5
    6. Slide 6
  3. PowerPoint 2:  Top 5 Sports in the U.S. (six slides)

Unit 6:  Charting

  1. Column and Bar Charts
  2. 3-D Line Chart:  Includes Screen Grab of What This Project Looks like after the first three charts
  3. 3-D Pie Charts
  4. What Charting1, Chart Worksheet, Should Look Like when #1-3 are complete
  5. 25 Point Summative Charting Project: Push-Up Chart

Unit 5:  Microsoft Excel

  1. Microsoft ExcelClick Test Your Digital Literacy, green Take An Assessment button.  Then choose Microsoft Excel (middle links, under Essential Software Skills.
  2. Excel Project 2:  Applying Skills from Project 1 and 25 Point Rubric
  3. Excel:  Getting Started:  Includes interactive lesson on workspace
  4. Excel Project 1, Part 1:  Thompsons, National Inc, and Clark's
  5. Excel Project 1, Part 2:  Creating Formulas and Using Fill-Down
  6. Excel Project 1, Part 3:  Heading and Accounting Formats (Includes a review of some spreadsheet terms used in Parts 1 & 2)
  7. Excel Project 1, Part 4:  Formating as Table with Sorting Options

Unit 4:  Microsoft Word

Choosing Fonts
MS Word vs Google Docs

MS Word Projects

  1. History of Halloween OR How Computers Really Work:  Directions for CREATING BOTTOM GRAPHIC
  2. Inserting Picture and Text Wrapping:  Halloween Jokes
  3. 2 Column Document:  Fall Jokes
  4. Favorite Halloween Candies:  Top 20
  5. Top Halloween Candies by State
  6. MS Word Letter Template:  Milwaukee Zoo
  7. MS Word Letter Template:  Smithsonian Institute

Video Tutorials:  MS Word

  1. Getting Started With Word
  2. Creating and Opening Documents
  3. Saving and Sharing Documents
  4. Text Basics:  Add, Delete, Move, Cut, Copy, and Paste
  5. Formatting Text
  6. Page Layout:  Page Orientation, Margins, and Size
  7. Pictures and Text Wrapping

Even MORE MS Word Skills

Unit 3:  Business Simulations & Decision Making

Link to Lemonade StandLemonade Stand   Coffee Shop GameCoffee Shop

 Unit 2:  Writing With Keyboard Self-Check

 Good Posture Matters

How Fast Can You Type for 3 Minutes?
30-Point Keying Rubric (pdf)

Forces on the neck increase the more we tilt our headClick to Enlarge

 Take a Break, Rotate Your Neck, and Look Up

Each Day, 2 of the links below will be assigned.  Do each one-at-a-time.  They will open in a new tab.  Please LEAVE EACH TAB OPEN.  When the pair is complete, please open ANOTHER TAB and choose an appropriate keying game.

  1. Keying Basic Self-Check
  2. Keyboarding Posture & Technique Self-Check

  3. Identify the Correct Finger Self-Check
  4. Proper Keyboarding Technique Self-Check

  5. Keying Egonomics Self-Check
  6. Home Row Keys: Keyboarding Skills Quiz!

  7. Keying Vocabulary Self-Check
  8. Keying Trivia Self-Check

Unit 1:  Getting to Know You

  1. How to Fill a PDF on a Chromebook (1:40)
  2. All About Me (pdf form)
  3. Internet Scavenger Hunt #1 (pdf form)
  4. Internet Scavenger Hunt #2 Your Turn!  (pdf form)
  5. Digital Life Skills:  What Are They (pdf form)
  6. Digital Life Skills I Use (pdf form)
  7. What I Have, Would Like to Learn, Use, What I Need (pdf form)
  8. Know, Want to Learn, Learned (KWL) (pdf form)

Please check back soon for more
Digital Life Skills resources & activities

More Fun Links

A.  Mr. B's Websites

  1. Mr. B's Guitar Music
  2. Library Media TV
  3. My LMC Web
  4. Video Kids
  5. My Biz Ed Web
  6. Club TNT:  Weekly Madison TV show, TVW, 11 am Saturdays

B.  Keying Skill Building Links

C.  Live Animal Webcams

C.  Web Cams:  Including the world-famous Bear Cam!

D Virtual Tours