Digital Lifeskills:

6th Grade Keying & Digital Life Skills

This Week's Unit:  Analog vs Digital (3:00) and Mr. Breitsprecher's BandMix profile with digital recordings of his Gibson Les Paul (done at 44 khz per second).  This is CD-quality and common with MP3 files.

Using MS Word

Open, Save, and Exit Microsoft Word 2019

MS Word vs Google Docs

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Unit 5:  Summative Skill Check

  1.  30-Point Keying Skills Rubric
  2. Timed Typing:  Classic Tales & 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 Minute Options (Use pull-down menues)

Unit 4:  Getting Started With MS Word

  1. Easy Sentences:  Short, common words for speed-building
  2. Alphabet Emphasis:  Sentences that emphasis each letter
  3. Alphabet Sentences:  Each has every letter for skill-building

Unit 3:  Projects Build Keying Skills

  1. How to Fill a PDF on a Chromebook (1:40)
  2. All About Me (pdf form)
  3. Internet Scavenger Hunt #1 (pdf form)
  4. Internet Scavenger Hunt #2 Your Turn!  (pdf form)
  5. My School Day Today Prompts: Writing Builds Skills  (pdf form)
  6. Write a Very, Very Short Story 1: Writing Builds Skills  (pdf form)
  7. Write a Very, Very Short Story 2: Writing Builds Skills  (pdf form)
  8. Plot Generator:  Create a Short Story

Unit 2:  Formative Keying Check

  1. Timed Typing:  Classic Tales.  Use 1, 2, or 3 Minute Options
  2. 30-Point Keying Skills Rubric
  3. Typing Attack:  Word-by-Word, 3 levels
  4. Mr. B's Typing Game Links:  It's fun building digital writing skills
  5. More Keying Skill Building Games

Unit 1:  Keyboarding Tune-Up

Mr. B's Jazzy QWERTY Keyboard Song

Home Row Fingers

  1. Peter's Online Typing Course:  Different skill review lessons
  2. Dance Mat Typing:  Level One, First 3 Lessons (Requires headphones/ear buds)
  3. Dance Mat Typing:  All 4 Levels, All Lessons (BBC Bitesize)
  4. Weekly Keying Technique Checklist:  5 possible points each week,  This is a technique check and not a speed check!
  5. 30-Point Touch Method Rubric

 Good Posture Matters

Forces on the neck increase the more we tilt our headClick to Enlarge

  1. Take a Break, Rotate Your Neck, and Look Up
  2. Keyboarding Posture & Technique Self-Check
  3. Proper Keyboarding Technique Self-Check

Helpful Videos

  1. Learn the Home Row Keys (3:34)
  2. Typing Ergonomics:  Your Keyboard (2:33)
  3. Learn The Proper Position When Typing (43 sec)
  4. What Is the Respectable or Average Typing Speed?  What Is a Good Touch Typing Speed? (3:32)
  5. How I Type Fast:  150+ WPM!) (4:27 sec)
  6. The NEW Fastest Typist On Nitro Type! (2:49)
  7. The Fastest Typists in the World Share Their Typing Secrets (5:14)
  8. TypeRacer:  Test How FAST You Can Type & Improve By Racing Others (3:03)

More Fun Links

A.  Mr. B's Websites

  1. Mr. B's Guitar Music
  2. Library Media TV
  3. My LMC Web
  4. Video Kids
  5. My Biz Ed Web
  6. Club TNT:  Weekly Madison TV show, TVW, 11 am Saturdays

B.  Keying Skill Building Links

C.  Live Animal Webcams

D.  Web Cams:  Including the world-famous Bear Cam!

E Virtual Tours